Paneling, Panelling or Pannelling?

The debate about whether it is Panelling, or Paneling, goes on. But it seems that they are merely alternative spellings of the same word.  Whichever it is, we do wall panelling, or wall paneling for those who prefer fewer 'l's.

Our mdf panel can be used as a wall panel or a bath panel - and bathroom panelling (sorry panelling if you prefer it!) is something which works rather well with our Georgian shaker panelling.

The same debate ensues when talking about Wainscoting or Wainscotting - but here there is a clear winner! The single 't' gets it.  The argument ends when talking about tongue and groove, or butt and bead. Tongue and groove panelling (sorry paneling!) and butt and bead jointing seem to create no spelling issues.  Nor do dado rails, or chair rail as they are sometimes known. Everyone seems to agree how to spell them.

So, here is our advice to avoid disagreement - use mdf wall panels for panelling for walls!

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