Paneling, Panelling or Pannelling?

The debate about whether it is Panelling, or Paneling, goes on. But it seems that they are merely alternative spellings of the same word.  Whichever it is, we do wall panelling, or wall paneling for those who prefer fewer 'l's.

Our moisture resistant mdf panel can be used as a wall panel or a bath panel - and bathroom panelling (sorry panelling if you prefer it!) is something which works rather well with our Georgian shaker panelling.

The same debate ensues when talking about Wainscoting or Wainscotting - but here there is a clear winner! The single 't' gets it.  The argument ends when talking about tongue and groove, or butt and bead. Tongue and groove panelling (sorry paneling!) and butt and bead jointing seem to create no spelling issues.  Nor do dado rails, or chair rail as they are sometimes known. Everyone seems to agree how to spell them.

So, here is our advice to avoid disagreement - use mdf wall panels for panelling for walls!



All of our MDF panels are made using Medite's Moisture Resistant MDF. This is a premium quality version of standard MDF developed specifically for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. It also has a superior surface which makes it easier to paint as well as providing a better paint finish for your MDF wall panelling. In smaller bathrooms we would recommend our Georgian wall panelling since it does not have any ledges upon which water could sit. We would not recommend the use of any MDF based panelling within a shower cubicle itself and all walls must be free from damp. Newly plastered walls must be fully dry before installation.

Always install the wall panelling in accordance with good working practices. Ensure that the MDF panels are used in such a way that there is no pooling of water resulting in the MDF being saturated for long periods of time. Where MDF wall panels meet sanitaryware there should be a slope away from, not back towards, the panels and a good silicone seal between the two is essential. Check too that the room has adequate ventilation in use.

9mm thick MDF wall panelling is the ideal thickness. Moisture resistant MDF can be used in areas of homes where moisture or humidity is an issue, such as bathrooms, kitchens or storage areas. This makes it a perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchen but equally for rooms where moisture isn't present. For over 25 years we have used only one brand, Medite, to make our MDF wall panelling with and we use their Moisture Resistant (MR) grade for everything as the surface quality of this MDF is superior to the standard grade which helps with the decorating process even if you are not using wall panelling in a bathroom! MDF wall panelling has many more benefits.


We have the ideal way to finish off your MDF wall panelling! Neatly finish off the top of your MDF panelling with some purpose-designed moulding for dado or picture rail heights. Most wooden mouldings have a small cut-out (rebated) section to fit neatly over the edges of our wall panelling.

We offer a small but very useful selection, all made from high quality kiln-dried redwood. Whilst MDF is possibly the ultimate material from which to make wall panelling we much prefer the fineness of the detail and finish that is only obtainable with solid timber for the mouldings (dado rails and picture rails). In addition should any damage occur to, say, a dado rail then solid wood is much easier to repair than its MDF equivalent.

Dado rails are an important feature in the interior design of a period house. The original purpose of dado rails was to prevent the back of chairs from damaging wall coverings hence their height at around the height of the top of a chair back. Dado Rails used to be known as chair rails.

We offer several designs of dado rails which are ideally suited to our mdf wall panelling, these include our deep rebated timber dado rail, shallow rebated dado rail and also the simple version of our dado rail which does not have a rebate.

The rebated dado rails simply hook over the top of our 9mm thick MDF wall panelling.

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