Beading (Ogee Moulding)

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Beading is a simple way to add a more classical (rather than Shaker) feel to our panelling.  This traditional ogee moulding can be fitted to the inside of the panels as can be seen in the third image here.   Beading can be used with any of the open-backed panelling designs.

Available in 2.4m, 1.2m or any of the pre-mitred sets for Small Jacobean & Regency.  Please get in touch for prices on other designs.

Because good quality timber mouldings are hard to find this is what we sell!  Whilst high quality MDF is ideal for the panelling, we are not big fans of using it for our mouldings as a crisper and truer profile is possible using best quality Scandinavian Redwood instead.


Single Long Length (2400mm), Single Half Length (1200mm), Set of 4 Pre-Mitred for Regency Panels, Set of 4 Pre-Mitred Small Jacobean

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