Measuring & Installation Guide

Everything you need to know in order to choose your panelling, work out the amounts you will need, then setting out and installation instructions are all contained in our simple guide (as part of our brochure) available for download as a PDF here.

(Please note that this is a general introduction to our panelling and although it contains useful guidance on Setting Out and Installation it does not include details of all the products that feature on the website)

Panel Quantities Required:

If you are just running a single row of panels (eg Georgian Tall) we suggest adding up the total number of linear metres you are covering and dividing that by the width of the panel. So to do a 10m run with Georgian Tall, for example, it would be 10 divided by 0.6 which would work out at 17 panels.

If you intend to cover most or all of a wall with panelling such as Short Victorian or Jacobean it is probably easier to work out the area in square metres and divide that figure by the area of the panel you are using (eg Short Victorian = 0.48 sq m).

We recommend allowing a wastage factor of about 5% for all designs. This will also assist with the setting out. Contact us if you need any advice on quantities.

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