Georgian MDF Wall Panelling – 3 Sizes

Solid sheets of premium grade Moisture Resistant MDF grooved to recreate traditional Butt & Bead wall panelling.

Our original wall panelling design closely mimics the ‘Butt and Bead’ type joints on generously wide boards so often found in period properties. It gives a far superior appearance to the V-jointed (and rather too narrow) tongue and groove style boards commonly sold elsewhere. Made from moisture resistant MDF making it ideal for bathrooms, utility areas, halls and wherever a less formal or more ‘rural’ look is required. The Georgian wall panelling can be fixed direct to battens if the walls are very rough and it is also the easiest to run up staircases.

Our sheets come in three convenient sizes so you can choose the height you need – short, tall or full-sized.  You can also choose from two different joint sizes to achieve a slightly different look.  Please see further down this page for more detailed information.

We recommend our rebated dado rails to cap the top of Georgian panelling as it conceals the tops of all the grooves.  When taking the panelling up to the underside of a shelf or up to the ceiling use our Small Cornice moulding to hide any small gaps. Please see our mouldings page for full details.

Moisture-resistant MDF Georgian Wall Panelling, a classic tongue and groove style, is ideal for use in bathrooms, and also wherever it is desirable to give the impression of higher ceilings. Unlike softwood matchboarding, there is virtually zero movement caused by central heating and humidity… so you won’t be having to forever re-decorate!  You can choose between the ‘Standard Joint’ which has grooves 15cm apart and the ‘Wide Joint’ which has them at 20cm apart (price and sheet size is the same for both). This close up of our Bead detail in the third image below shows how we faithfully replicate traditional butt and bead wall panelling:

Short Standard Joint Georgian DiagramShort Wide Joint Diagrambead-detail


Our Georgian mdf wall panelling looks equally stunning in traditional and contemporary settings. There is the option to fit wall panelling to studwork which not only conceals  pipework but can also be designed to create a useful shelf. Also ideal on external walls of older properties as it allows insulation to be used behind the wall panelling.

On all sheet sizes the width of the bead/groove detail is 10mm but as the Full Size is an imperial size sheet the “planks”  between the grooves are slightly wider (193.3mm rather than 190mm on Wide joint and 142.5mm rather than 140mm on Standard Joint).

All of our panels are made using Medite’s Moisture Resistant MDF. This is a premium quality version of standard MDF developed specifically for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. It also has a superior surface which makes it easier to paint as well as providing a better paint finish. In smaller bathrooms we would recommend our Georgian wall panelling since it does not have any ledges upon which water could sit. We would not recommend the use of any MDF based panelling within a shower cubicle itself and all walls must be free from damp. Newly plastered walls must be fully dry before installation.

We have designed rebated dado rails for our panelling which are ideal for the Georgian panelling design. Please click here to take a look at our dado rails and other mouldings.

If your access is unsuitable for Full Size but you want to go full height with Georgian Panelling please email for more details.

Our mdf wall panelling was originally created and sold through our sister company which is Scumble Goosie who create beautiful hand made furniture.

Panelling Sheet Size Required

Short (W 600 x H 800 x D 9mm), Tall (W 600 x H 1200 x D 9mm), Full Size (W 1220 x H 2440 x D 9mm)

Groove Spacing (NB Grooves ALWAYS run parallel to longest side)

Standard (grooves spaced 150mm apart), Wide (grooves spaced 200mm apart), Standard (grooves spaced 152.5mm apart), Wide (grooves spaced 203.3mm apart)

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