Framing Strips

Framing strips are very useful for closing runs of panelling and finishing awkward areas.  Please choose your size of framing strip –  you can order a mixture of short and tall framing strips if required.  See the table below for a quick guide as to which framing strips should be used with each panelling type.

All £3 each.

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Framing Strips are simply the ‘missing pieces’ from our various panel designs. Normally, of course, each panel uses the next as its edge, but if the run terminates before reaching a corner, one extra framing strip will be needed to complete the panel.




Use for


100 x 800


Short Victorian/Edwardian vertical rails


100 x 1200


Tall Victorian/Edwardian vertical rails and Short Victorian horizontal rails, Large Jacobean vertical and horizontal rails


130 x 800


Regency vertical rails


75 x 1200


Small Jacobean vertical and horizontal rails

Short Victorian, because it is capable of being used vertically and horizontally, will need framing along its bottom edge as well as the leading one. Georgian, on the other hand, needs no framing strips.

In most cases, with the exception of Short Victorian and our new Jacobean, you may not need any framing strips at all. If the panelling on each run of wall is set out from the two corners of that wall, (or from a door, window edge or wall corner) and worked back towards the middle of the run then all that is required will be a cut.

However a few framing strips may come in handy to make up gaps where cutting is not desirable. When using Short Victorian or Jacobean some framing strips will always be needed for the bottom starting rail of the run. If you are going higher with this type of panelling, you will still only need the framing strips for the first (lowest) row of panels.

When using our ‘Open-Backed’ designs, Framing Strips can be used along with offcuts from the panels in the following ways:


1) They can be used to complete the end of a run (ie the last vertical rail).

2) When working from both ends towards the middle of a run a framing strip is sometimes needed when adapting the centre panel/s (see section “Setting Out”). 3) With Short Victorian and Jacobean panelling Framing Strips are required to complete the bottom rail.

4) They can be used to pack out small gaps if an exact number of panels does not quite make up the total run length. Use either end to maintain symmetry.

5) They come in handy for packing out skirtings, picture rails etc.

Use Framing Strips to close off any adapted sections of all of our Open Backed designs and for the bottom rails on the Jacobean and Short Victorian designs. As a rule of thumb we suggest one Framing Strip per run of panels. A run is defined as a length of panelling so a wall with a doorway in the centre would count as two runs. N.B. Allow for the bottom rails in addition to this if you are using our Short Victorian or Jacobean designs.


FS1: 100 x 800mm, FS2: 100 x 1200mm, FS3: 130 x 800mm, FS4: 75 x 1200mm

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