Neatly finish off the top of your panelling with some purpose-designed moulding for dado or picture rail heights.  Most mouldings have a small cut-out (rebated) section to fit neatly over the edges of our panelling.

We offer a small but very useful selection, all made from high quality kiln-dried redwood.  Whilst MDF is possibly the ultimate material from which to make panelling we much prefer the fineness of the detail and finish that is only obtainable with solid timber for the mouldings. In addition should any damage occur to, say, a dado rail then solid wood is much easier to repair than its MDF equivalent.

We do not supply Skirting boards as they come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes and are readily available from your local builder’s merchant or DIY store.

Mixed Mouldings to be used with wall panelling
1. Dado Height Rails

Choose between face-fixed or sit-on (rebated) profiles. Any of the three types of dado rails below can be used with all of our designs although rebated is ideal for Georgian as it conceals the tops of all the grooves.

*Although supplied in 2.4m lengths, we suggest you allow 2.0m of coverage per rail as mitring for corners will inevitably incur a wastage factor that needs to be allowed for.  We also supply rails in half lengths of 1.2m.

2. Picture Rails

The perfect way to finish off the top of panelling taken to picture rail height. It also has the added benefit of providing a means of hanging pictures using traditional brass hooks.

Rebated Picture Rail

Capping our Jacobean Panelling

Jacobean Wall Panelling in an Office.
3. Inset Bead Moulding

A classic profile bead mould that can be used to create a more ornate panel detail on any of our Open Backed designs. It can also be used as a 'stop' bead if required. Supplied in 2.4m or 1.2m lengths or in pre-mitred sets (of 4 pcs) for our Regency and Small Jacobean designs (9 x 20mm wide).

Right: Application of beading to the inner edges of the panels can enhance the appearance by creating more of a classical look but it is not always necessary and it can always be added on afterwards if you are not sure.

*With the pre-mitred option remember to order one set for each square!

Regency Panelling
4. Plant-on Classic Bead Moulding

This very simple method of creating rectangular and square panels has been used for hundreds of years and remains timeless.

To Bead or Not to Bead? - That is the Question!

Use our 9mm x 21mm bead moulding to add a more classical feel to the panelling if that is desired. Sold in 2.4m lengths but also as a pre-mitred set for Large and Small Jacobean and Regency. Simply pop in with a little PVA prior to commencing priming the panels.

MDF Wall Panelling with bead moulding. Painted in grey.
MDF Wall Panelling with bead moulding. Painted in grey.
MDF Wall Panelling with bead moulding. Painted in grey.

(We show the panels painted before beading here but although retro fitting is possible the pre-mitred beading sets are easier to install if they are glued in prior to the commencement of priming)

5. Cornicing

General purpose moulding which can be used to create interest between panelling and shelves/ceilings.

Small Cornice

Large Cornice

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