Classic Bead Moulding

This moulding is ideal for replicating the “plant-on” type mouldings often found in Georgian Houses. Originally these were made of plaster and were generally only used to embellish the more sumptious interiors but as timber versions became available they became popular in more modest properties.

The primary advantage of a “plant-on” type of panelling is that they can be cut to form squares and rectangles of a size to suit a wide range of wall sizes with equal spacings between being easily achieveable. Pin and glue to walls using panel adhesive and then paint to match (or contrast with) your overall wall colour.

Our DADO2 Dado rail makes an ideal partner with this moulding to use as a divider, usually at around one third of the floor to ceiling height to give a very pleasing proportion to your room.

12mm deep x 34mm high.

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Full Length (2400mm), Half Length (1200mm)

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